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Steve wasn't feeling too well last night, so he did us both a favor and slept in the guest room last night after failing to fall asleep in our room. He woke up this morning looking like hell, but was determined to go to work because he had to get some stuff done. He could barely walk to the couch, so he had me call his work for him and tell them he was sick.

Not wanting to get sick, Owen and I went to our moms group meetup, where I happened to run into [livejournal.com profile] luvbeingamommy. We all watched a little kids show, and I had lunch with my group. I asked the girl I meantioned last night if she would be interested in painting some pictures for me, and she said yes! I'm totally excited. She said that she paid about $50 to make 2 of hers on a really nice canvas, so I figured I'd pay about that much for each on a less expensive canvas. I'll have to iron out the details, but I'm so happy that she's going to do those for me.

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I'm a little bummed that the Patriots lost. I don't actually care for football, but Steve is a big Pats fan, and I was really hoping they'd make it to 19-0. Ah well, life goes on. We had Steve's friend Donovann and his wife over, as well as my brother. It was a nice, small gathering, but Donovann is super loud, louder than Steve, so Owen got spooked a few times.

Speaking of Owen, little man has been cranky the past couple of days. I don't know what's going on with him. His teeth have come through, so I don't think that's it, and he isn't sick or feverish or anything. Maybe he's just having a few bad days. I hope gets past them soon though, because my patience is wearing a little thin.

Last week, at one of the moms group meetups, we went to South Coast Plaza, which is a higher-end mall (Saks, Nordies, and Bloomingdales, but they also have a Sears) to have lunch and walk around. A group of 5 or so of us decided to walk into the Jimmy Choo store with our babies and strollers, and oh my God, it was hilarious. The salesmen just stared at us with these scared smiles on their faces. It was priceless.

One of the girls in my moms group has some artistic talent, and showed me some dinosaurs that she painted onto canvas. Since my bedding set doesn't come with any wall hangings or anything, I'm thinking of commissioning her to paint some for me, based on the dinosaurs in the pattern. I think they would be really cute, but I don't know how much I should offer her for them. I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself because I don't even know if she'd do it.
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Goodness, I haven't been around much this week, sorry! Nothing really new or exciting is going on; I just feel like I don't have a lot of time for posting. I usually only get on the computer in the morning while Owen is rolling around on his playmat, and then in the evening after he goes to bed. But this week has been different for some reason. Last night, my dad was here after Steve and my brother's hockey game, because they went out to a bar to have a little team get together.

Owen is being a little pill right now, but I can't blame the kid. He's working on 3 teeth right now. Last week, he just had the one coming through, but two more have decided to join him over the past few days. He went to bed late last night because of the hockey game, at around 9:30, then woke up again at 10:30. After that, he slept straight through until 7 this morning, hooray! However, it's hard enough to get up with him at 8:30 (I know, I'm lucky), so this morning was a little rough. I put him in his swing, put on Baby Einstein, and took a nap on the couch.

Owen is crying for me right now, so I'd better wrap this up. I've gone to two moms' meetups for one group, and I really like them so far. I have my first meeting with the other one today, the one that stood me up. We're going to the Discovery Science Center, so that should be fun.


Jan. 24th, 2008 08:15 pm
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Today, Owen and I went to my first moms group meeting with [livejournal.com profile] rancid13, and I had a blast! I almost feel silly for being so worried about it. These women were all so nice and welcoming; I had imagined more snobbery and high school involved. I was so happy to be wrong. Owen was very well-behaved, and everyone's babies were adorable. We stopped at Old Navy, and I scored 4 shirts for a whopping $8!

Owen's top tooth finally broke through, and the poor little guy is miserable. He went to sleep before 8 tonight, which is pretty rare. One of the moms at the group said that she gives her kid a pacifier whenever he's teething, so I decided to try that with Owen, and to my surprise, he took it! I hope that offers him some relief. I gave him Tylenol right before bed too, so hopefully that will help him too.
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* I went to the library today and got 4 books. I've apparently set a lofty goal for myself, to finish 4 books by the end of January. I got Confessions of a Shopaholic, Night Swimming, How to Be Cool, and The Last Boy. Anyone have any comments about any of the last three books I listed? They just jumped out at me, and I'm hoping they're good. I started Confessions of a Shopaholic already. I'm about 60 pages in and love it so far.

* Mr. Owen is asleep already and it's only 8:20. He went down at about 7:45, which is uncharacteristically early for him. Looks like Steve will be joining him soon. Poor guy has been putting in a ton of hours at work this week.

* Saturday night is Blue Man Group, woo hoo! I'm very excited, but also a little apprehensive, as it will be our first baby-free evening since Owen was born. Yeah, just a little late ;). I'm sure he'll be fine, but he's used to being nursed to bed, so I won't be surprised if he's still awake when we get home.

* I'm proud that I've been eating a little healthier lately. Even though I'm still having fast food, I've been getting chicken soft tacos at Taco Bell, which are nothing but chicken, lettuce, and cheese. No sauce or anything. I've been cooking more, and adding more fruit to my diet. Yay me!

* I was interested in joining a mom's group that I read about in Parents magazine, and I have yet to attend a meeting or other event. You guys probably wouldn't know this about me, including those of you who know me in person, but I'm very shy, and don't do well in social settings. Plus, I'm afraid this group will be so high school and clique-y. I know I'll never know unless I go, and I seriously don't know what I'm so afraid of. Bah.


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