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First of all, woo hoo Ducks! We beat Minnesota 4-1 to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals. We're also the first team out of the West to move on.

So here's the good stuff. There was a group of 4 Minnesota Wild fans - 1 girl, 3 guys, one guy wearing a Wild jersey (I'll call him White Minnesota because he was wearing a white Minnesota jersey). White Minnesota was a complete ass during the game, turning around and telling us all that we didn't know anything about hockey. That's right, the mere fact that I live in California is enough to convince anyone to think that we know nothing about hockey. Whatever.

I ended up getting into it with White Minnesota, as did a lot of other people, because I absolutely hate it when people are so rude and nasty like that. At one point during the second period, Minnesota scored to tie the game, and White Minnesota would not sit down after he got up to clap. He was blocking peoples' views, and despite the numerous requests from everyone, he still wouldn't sit down. He just stood there and clapped.

At one point, this guy sitting in front of us (I will refer to him as Green Duck, because he was wearing a green jacket and was cheering for the Ducks) grabbed the guy's hat and put it on his own head. For what reason, I have no clue. When he tossed the hat back to the guy, his friend (I'll call him Black Minnesota, because he was wearing a black shirt, you get the idea) started saying "Did you just take his hat?" over and over again. At that point, Black Minnesota grabbed Green Duck, and when that happened, Green Duck's friend, Black Duck, jumped over the row he was in and launched himself at Black Minnesota. I think that at this point, Green Duck also went after White Minnesota. They all ended up falling on the row in front of them, and one guy sitting in the stands hurt his neck and shoulder.

Eventually, a couple of people from the section next to ours came over and held back White Minnesota and I think they held back Black Minnesota too. It seemed to take forever for the security guards to get there, but once they got there, we all pointed to White Minnesota to let them know that he was the one who started all the trouble. Then they took the two Minnesota fans to talk to them. The guards came back up a few minutes later to get the Ducks fans too. The Minnesota fans ended up getting kicked out of the arena, and they let the Ducks fans stay, which surprised the hell out of me.

It took a while for everything to calm down, and then we all kind of realized that there was a hockey game going on in front of us, so we sat down and enjoyed it after that. But damn, what a crazy night. Fun times!
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This weekend was pretty mellow, not a whole lot going on. We spent Friday and Saturday, parked in front of the TV, waiting to see what the fate of the Ducks would be. Thanks to Vancouver beating San Jose in overtime, we clinched the Pacific Division, and home ice advantage throughout the playoffs, woot! Thank you Vancouver! It made our 4-3 win over Columbus useless really.

Saturday night, Steve's parents brought over food for Easter. Honeybaked Ham, yum, my favorite! They also brought scalloped potatoes, baked beans, potato salad, and macaroni salad, in addition to a banana cream pie from Marie Callenders, tasty!

Sunday, we went over to my grandma's house to celebrate Easter, which was just a really laid back day. She made the traditional Easter meal of sloppy joes ;). Here's where plumbing problem #1 (haha, no pun intended) comes into play. My brother was looking stuff up on YouTube and found this funny video from Family Guy, of Peter explaining how the universe was created. Of course, it involved farting, which is still funny to me at the ripe old age of 27. I took a drink of something, and he started playing it again. At that point, I started laughing and choking, spitting out my drink and whatever food was in my mouth, and coughing hysterically. Because of all the coughing, I ended up peeing myself, and not just a few drips either. I had a good sized wet spot on my jeans. Fantastic.

We got home last night, and I threw my clothes in the washing machine. As that was going on, our bathtub and toilet were filling with water. Fantastic, plumbing problem #2. I noticed that there had been some backing up the night before, but this was bad. The toilet kept filling, so I had to stand there with a trash can for 15 minutes, scooping out water from the toilet and tossing it into the bathtub, which was almost full in and of itself. So we couldn't take showers or flush the toilet at all last night.

This morning, after a fitful night of sleep, half of which was spent on the couch because I couldn't stand Steve's snoring, I called Roto-Rooter, and had them come out. Of course, the price of clearing the main line has almost doubled in the 2 1/2 years since we last had it done, but c'est la vie. He had to go up on the roof with a snake, and my poor cats are all huddled under the bed because they're so freaked out from the noise. He's running water in my bathtub right now (I wonder if I could pay him extra to clean it for me!), so that hopefully means he's done. I'd like to have my toilet back please.


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