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Last night, Steve asked if he could go play in a poker tournament at the casino down the street. Since he hasn't played in 4 months, I decided to be nice and "let" him go. It was only $55 and he brought an additional $40 for rebuys, which wasn't too bad.

Every few hours, he checked in with me to let me know how he was doing in the tournament. It got later and later, and he was still in it, so he asked if I would be interested in going over and watching him if he made it to the final table. I said sure, not thinking he would actually make it that far, since the tournament started out with 105 people.

I got a call at midnight from him, telling me that he had made it to the final table, so I headed down there. By the time I got there, there were 9 guys left at the table. This was the point in the game where the guys were getting into the decent payouts, so it was slightly exciting. A couple of people got knocked out, and then they were down to seven.

Steve had the short stack (the least amount of chips at the table), so when his turn came up, he went all in without even looking at his cards. At that point, he had to because he wouldn't have had enough to play another round. He got up from the table, came over to me and rubbed my belly for good luck, and went back to the table. He then flipped over a pair of queens against a guy's ace-seven! Luckily for him, nothing came up on the community cards to help the other guy out, so he won that hand, doubling his chips!

He ended up lasting a few more hands, and was the 5th person left when he was eliminated. But, making it that far won him $760! Not bad for a $95 buy-in!


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