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* I recently joined 2 moms groups, and have been nervous about going since I'm so shy. I finally decided to do it today, and when I showed up, no one was there! Granted, I was about 15 minutes late, but I would have to think they still would've been there. It was about an hour roundtrip of driving. That sucked.

* I picked Steve up for lunch today on the way back from said failed meetup. When we came home, Steve's dad was in our house. He's working on building shelves in the garage, and had come in to use the bathroom, but it was a little freaky having someone in our house.

* Owen cut his finger today on our tape measure. We're in the market for a new couch, so we were measuring the room, and Owen grabbed onto the tape measure. He played with it for a minute, and when I took it away from him, I noticed his finger was bleeding. It didn't bother him any, so I just washed it and Steve put a giant bandaid on it.

* I put another bandaid on Owen's finger because he bled through the first one, and he almost swallowed it! We were at the furniture store, and Steve grabbed it just in time.

* We really want to get a sectional couch, but we don't really have the room because our living room isn't wide enough. We went to a furniture store and saw this:

Isn't that funky? It's totally weird, but we love it. We're currently trying to figure out if it will work in our house.

* That's totally weird about Heath Ledger. I wasn't particularly a fan or anything, but he's not one of the ones I'd peg to die young.

* Kellie Pickler was on Ellen today. They played a clip of her on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and good Lord, was she an idiot. I'm not trying to act like I'm a genius or anything, but it is generally known that Europe is a continent, not a country. Yikes.
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